Find new sites to target on Pops

Discovering new domains that convert well for your offer is a great way to increase ROI. Try the methods below to find new domains to target and test on Pops!

Add Suggested Domains

When you add Domain Targets to your Pops campaign, Suggested Domains will populate in a box to the right of your Domain Target entries. RTX Platform uses smart technology to identify domains similar to whatever you've entered, and you can add them as Domain Targets by clicking the "+" next to each Suggested Domain.
TIP: If you know certain Domain Targets convert well for your campaign, enter them into the Suggested Domains tool to find similar domains to test and target!

Target broadly and track referral traffic

Add broad targets to your campaign, and append the {domain} and {url} macros to your creative URLs to track the sites your broad targets are matching. Once you start collecting conversion data for the sites you're matching, identify the URLs and domains that refer high-converting traffic. Then, add high-converting domains as domain targets, and longer URLs as keyword targets with increased bids to maximize volume (You can also add Domain Exclusions for domains that don't convert).

To target broadly, try adding the following types of targets:
Learn more about using macros to track data in third-party tracking platforms.

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