Complete your Account Profile

Completing your Account Profile is one of the very first things you'll do after you register. Our onboarding process directs you to your profile, but you can go back and edit it anytime. This guide can help you understand the information you'll find on your Account Profile page and how you should fill it out.

Account Information

You're more than just an account number to us. Give us a little background information so we can get to know you better.


Your account status determines whether you are eligible to receive traffic and fund your account.

A pending account status means you haven't completed the necessary onboarding steps. With a pending account, you can explore RTX Platform freely and even build campaigns, but they won't be able to run until your account is approved. You can also add payment sources and submit deposits. Your payments will remain in our queue and will be processed once your account is approved.

If your account status says "Approved", you're all set to run campaigns and add funds to your balance.


The name you enter in your profile must match the name on the ID you submit for account verification, as well as the name on any credit or debit cards you use to fund your account. When you sign off on a payment, the signature must be the same as the name in your account profile.


If you are managing campaigns for a company, you can enter the company name in the corresponding field. For your records, your company name will appear automatically on your transaction receipts and any invoices you request from us.

Many advertisers are not working for a company and simply enter their name in the field marked "Company". This is often the case for affiliate marketers, or anyone managing campaigns for their own profit.


Enter your address or your company's address here. This helps us during the account verification process, and sometimes we'll even send you free RTX Platform merchandise.


We promise not to bug you, but knowing where to reach you if we need to get in touch can give us all peace of mind.

Primary Email

This is the email address you'll use to log into your account. By default, this is also where we'll send any emails you've opted in to receive on your Email Preferences page. If you need to change your primary email address, let us know and we'll make the switch. 

Alert Email Override

If you prefer us to send reports, alerts, and other stuff somewhere else instead of your login email, you can specify an Alert Email Override.

Phone numbers and Instant Messaging

We do most calls and chats over Skype, but it's up to you how you'd like to communicate with us. Enter your phone number(s) and IM handles so we know how to reach you.

Reporting Preferences

The time zone you set here will apply to a variety of top-level reports and dashboards. Most advertisers select the time zone that corresponds with where they live, or they'll opt for UTC if their time zone isn't available. Choose from America/New York (EST), America/Los Angeles (PST), or UTC (Universal Coordinated Time). 

Apply Your Settings

When you're finished filling out your profile, click "Save".

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