Create and manage dashboard filters

Apply custom filters to your dashboard data that isolate and overlay metrics for easy-to-spot insights. Use the Filter dropdown above your data tables to create and save new filters, edit and copy existing filters, and apply saved filters to your data.

Follow these steps to create a new filter:

  1. Log into RTX Platform and click the InText, Pops, or Display tab.

  2. Navigate to any dashboard page using the tabs at the top of the page.

  3. Use the date range selector to define the time period you'd like to measure.

  4. Click the Filter dropdown above your dashboard table and select �Create Filter.�

  5. Add the KPIs you'd like to measure, and customize how they are restricted. For example:

    • Show keywords that are getting seen but not clicked by adding the following filters to your Keyword dashboard: Impressions greater than 100 and CTR less than 1%.

When you're satisfied with your filters, click �Apply� to update your dashboard, or name your filter and check the checkbox to save it for reuse. You can access your saved filters from the Filters menu.

To edit, delete, or copy your saved filters, select "Manage Filters" from the Filters menu.


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