Verify conversion pixel tracking

Once you've installed a conversion pixel,you can test your pixel's implementation by simulating a click from your device and converting on your offer. If your test conversion is successful, the pixel is properly implemented.

Before testing your pixel, please make sure you've done the following: 
  1. You've added at least one creative to the campaign.

  2. You've installed a conversion pixel in your offer.

Follow the steps below to test your pixel implementation:

  1. Log into your RTX Platform account and click the InText, Pops, or Display tab in the navigation bar.

  2. From the left sidebar, click the campaign that corresponds with the pixel you're testing (You can also click the campaign from your Campaigns dashboard).

  3. Click the Conversion Tracking tab, then scroll down below the pixel codes to the section labeled "Test your pixel to ensure connectivity."

  4. From the dropdown menu, select the creative with the pixel you'd like to test, then click the �Launch creative's URL and convert� button. This opens the creative's URL in a new tab and simulates a click that our system can recognize* so that a conversion can be tracked.

  5. Convert on your offer in the new tab.

    NOTE: To ensure that your simulated click is still recognized by our system, we recommend performing your conversion immediately after the new tab opens with your creative's URL. The conversion should be tested on the same device as the simulated click, in the same browser, with the same IP address.

  6. After converting on your offer, return to the Conversion Tracking tab to check the status of your test conversion (Results may take up to an hour to populate).

    NOTE: Test conversions will not appear in your RTX Platform dashboard data or reports.

* Because RTX Platform only tracks impressions, clicks, and conversions from our exclusive user base, any click or conversion from a non-user is not tracked. Technically, the Test Pixel function simulates a click from your computer as if you were part of our user base, allowing your conversion to be tracked.

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