Use the retractable lefthand sidebar

Using the Sidebar

There's a sliding sidebar along the left side of every RTX Platform page that you can use to quickly navigate to campaigns, launch new campaigns, and find answers to common questions in our Support Center. You can expand the sidebar when you need it, and collapse it when you don't.

To expand or the sidebar, click the menu icon.
To collapse the sidebar, click the X.

Navigating Campaigns

When you expand the sidebar, you'll see links to your paused and enabled campaigns, which you can filter to find what you need.

Start typing a campaign name into the sidebar's search field to narrow your results in realtime:

To filter campaigns by status, click the down arrow icon in the search field and select the campaign status(es) you want to display:

You can also use the sidebar to quickly find a campaign's ID. Just expand it when you're on any page within a campaign and click the "i" that appears when you hover your mouse over the campaign link:

Creating Campaigns

You can start building a new campaign using the sidebar. Just expand it and click + New Campaign to start customizing the settings for your new campaign:

Finding Answers

Have a question about RTX Platform? Expand the sidebar and click Help and Support at the bottom:

When you start typing your question, links to related support articles will populate in real time. Click the link that answers your question to be taken to the article:

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