How do run of network targets work on Pops?

What is a run of network target?

Run of network targets are available in Pops campaigns, and they match any website a user visits. When you add a run of network target, you're using one target to bid on all traffic.  

How is the winning impression determined for a run of network auction?

When a user visits a site, all run of network targets and any additional matching targets compete, and the target with the highest bid wins the impression. 

In addition to the bid, your campaign's dayparting, frequency caps, geo-targeting, budgets, and other settings determine whether your run of network target is eligible to win an impression.

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What's the benefit of targeting run of network?

When you target run of network on Pops, you have the opportunity to get more volume at a cheaper price. You can also target run of network to discover new domains that convert well for your campaign, add those domains as individual targets, and optimize their bids to maximize ROI. Or, you can identify domains that don't convert well and add them as negative targets to optimize your spend.

To find these insights, you'll need to append the {domain} tracking macro to your creative URL(s) and use a third party tracking platform.

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How does run of network targeting work with Adult Pops campaigns?

Adult Pops campaigns will only be eligible for impressions on our whitelisted adult domains, which account for more than 99% of all traffic to adult websites worldwide. Run of network targets in Adult Pops campaigns are eligible to match any whitelisted adult content.

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Can I set a proxy bid for a run of network target?

Yes, run of network targets can have proxy bids! These auctions work the same way as auctions for keyword or domain targets. If, for example, you have a $.50 proxy bid for a run of network target, and the next highest matching bid is $.30, your target could win the impression for as low as $.3001. 

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How do I target run of network?

To add a run of network target to a Pops campaign, follow the steps below.

  1. Log into your RTX Platform account, then click the Pops tab in the navigation bar.
  2. From the left sidebar, click the campaign where you want to add a run of network target, then click the Targets tab.
  3. Click the Add Targets dropdown below your campaign dashboard tabs, then select Run of Network. This will add a run of network target set to your campaign's default bid. You can edit the bid by clicking it and entering a new one.
Want to target broadly within a specific niche? Try adding category targets instead, which match websites related to specific topics.

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