How can I import my keywords or targets?

Importing keywords or targets into a campaign is an efficient way to add new keywords/targets in bulk with custom bids and/or statuses. 

TIP: You can make certain changes to existing keywords or targets using by editing an exported CSV, and new keywords/targets can also be added to the CSV. Learn more about editing exported CSVs.

Follow the steps below to import new keywords/targets into your campaign.
  1. Navigate to the campaign with the keywords or targets you'd like to edit, then click the Keywords tab (InText) or Targets tab (Pops or Display).
  2. Click the "Upload Keywords" or "Upload Targets" button above your data table to access the uploader.
  3. Download and open the CSV template linked on the page, or click the appropriate link below to download the template for your campaign type:
    1. InText template
    2. Pops template
    3. Display template
  4. In the CSV, add your keywords/targets in the column labeled "keyword" (InText) or "target" (Pops and Display), entering each keyword/target in its own cell. To assign custom bids, statuses, and other criteria, refer to the table of valid inputs below this list. Save your changes when you are finished entering your keywords/targets.
  5. In the uploader you navigated to in step 2, click the "Choose File" button and select the CSV you are importing.
  6. Click the "Upload Keywords" or "Upload Targets" button to import the keywords/targets in your spreadsheet.
When your import finishes uploading, you will receive an email containing a status update. Any issues with your CSV will be noted in the email.

Spreadsheet Inputs

The table below explains how to format inputs for each column in your CSV.
Column Header Campaign Type Accepted Inputs
Keyword (Required) InText Enter the keyword you are adding to your campaign.
Target (Required) Pops and Display Enter the target you are adding to your campaign.

NOTE (Pops only): Enter (run of network) to target run of network. Category targets should be formatted category or category/subcategory (For example, business or business/accounting). Refer to the list of available category targets by selecting "Categories" from the "Add Targets" dropdown on the Targets tab.
Match Type (Optional) Pops and Display Enter keyword (Pops and Display), domain (Pops and Display), or iab_category (Pops). When adding a run of network target on Pops, enter keyword as the match type. Leave blank to default to keyword.

NOTE: "path" is an accepted alternate input for "keyword".
Creative Size (Optional) Display Enter 728x90, 300x250, 320x50, 300x50, 300x600, 240x400, 160x600, any (any available creative size), or leave blank to default to any.
Position (Optional) Display Enter ATF (above the fold), any (any available position), or leave blank to default to any.
Bid (Optional) InText, Pops, and Display Enter any amount greater than or equal to your campaign's minimum required bid and less than the maximum bid for your campaign type (Maximum bids are $100 on InText; $.5 on Pops, or $100 if you've agreed to lift the bid cap; and $50 on Display). Leave blank to apply the default bid in your Campaign Settings.
Bid Type (Optional) Pops Enter fixed or proxy, or leave blank to default to fixed.

Did your import fail? Troubleshoot CSV import compatibility problems by following these tips.

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