How does Express channel optimization work?

Channel optimization is currently in beta and only available to RTX Platform beta testers. Drop us a line if you'd like to give it a try!

Express optimization uses intelligent machine-learning algorithms to dynamically calculate the optimal bid for each impression based on the bids you've set per target. If the algorithm calculates an optimal bid that exceeds the bid you set, the target will not compete for the impression.

How do I manage my bids in Express campaigns?

The bids you set per target will serve as benchmarks for what you actually bid, so it's important to manually optimize your bids. For example, if a target has a high conversion rate, you should increase its bid to raise ROI.

The Express algorithm predicts the margin your bid should be raised or lowered, but will only adjust your bid lower. If a higher margin is calculated as optimal, your target will not be eligible for the impression.

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