Promo balance overview

What is a promo balance?

Every now and then, we'll run a promotion giving you the opportunity to earn "promo bucks" to fund your campaigns. You'll see the promo bucks you earn reflected in a promo balance at the top of the page next to your cash balance. If you haven't earned any promo bucks, you will not see a promo balance.

Depending on the promotion, you may need to redeem a coupon to apply promo bucks to your promo balance, or your promo bucks may be applied automatically when your payment is processed. These details will be outlined in the email you receive when we announce a promotion.

How will my promo balance fund my campaigns?

When your promo and cash balances have funds, they will both fund your campaigns until you reach your daily promo spend limit.

If you reach your daily promo spend limit, your cash balance will fund your campaigns for the rest of the day.

Click the "i" icon next to your promo balance to find out how your balances are currently funding your campaigns.
TIP: You can use your promo balance to fund your campaigns even when your cash balance runs out.

What is my daily promo spend limit?

Your promo spend is limited to a daily amount, which varies based on the promo buck amount(s) you've earned from a promotion. Click the "i" icon next to your promo balance to find your daily promo spend limit.

The chart below outlines how your daily promo spend limit is calculated.
Promo Bucks Amount Daily Promo Spend Limit
< $100 promo bucks $5/day
$100 promo bucks $10/day
$250 promo bucks $25/day
$1,000 promo bucks $50/day
$2,500+ promo bucks $100/day
NOTE: If you have promo bucks from multiple transactions and/or multiple promotions in your promo balance, the daily promo spend limit associated with the highest promo bucks amount will apply until your promo balance runs out.

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