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  1. Account approval process for new advertisers

  2. Add a backup credit card

  3. Add creatives to a campaign

  4. Add keywords/targets to a campaign

  5. Add payment sources and fund your account

  6. Add top volume keywords/targets

  7. Adjust bids incrementally or apply a set bid amount

  8. Advanced channel optimization (beta) overview

  9. Approval process for new creatives

  10. Approval process for new keywords/targets

  11. Are Pops creatives popover or popunder?

  12. Best practices for high volume keywords/targets

  13. Bid higher than $.5 on Pops

  14. Bid higher than $10 on Display

  15. Block impressions from specific domains

  16. Bulk edit creative URLs

  17. Bulk edit multiple traffic channels on Pops

  18. Can I get personalized optimization tips?

  19. Can I target or exclude specific types of traffic?

  20. Close your account

  21. Complete your Account Profile

  22. Create and manage dashboard filters

  23. Create your first InText or Pops campaign

  24. Customize email alerts and notifications

  25. Customize the creative size or placement for my Display target

  26. Customize the KPI columns in dashboard tables

  27. Customize your time zone preferences

  28. Display creative placements: "Above the Fold" vs. "Any Available"

  29. Domain, keyword, category, and run of network targets on Pops

  30. Estimate bid competition to place better bids

  31. Exclude domains and IPs with Audience Filters

  32. Export and bulk edit keywords/targets

  33. Express Boost channel optimization (beta) overview

  34. Express channel optimization (beta) overview

  35. Features and benefits of each campaign type

  36. Find new domains to target on Pops

  37. Find the ID number for a campaign, creative, or keyword/target

  38. Fund via ACH or wire transfer

  39. Fund with Bitcoin deposits

  40. Generate a statement or invoice of payments

  41. Global negative targeting overview

  42. How are InText impressions calculated?

  43. How can I avoid overlapping/competing targets on Pops and Display?

  44. How can I troubleshoot a campaign with no traffic?

  45. How do the different RTX Platform campaign types work?

  46. How long does it take for my campaign changes to apply?

  47. How long will it take for my account to be approved?

  48. How Pops creative landing pages appear to users

  49. Import keywords or targets

  50. InText ad formats and creative dimensions

  51. Introduction to conversion pixels

  52. Is my offer compliant?

  53. Keyword/target match type overview

  54. Limit conversions per user within a campaign

  55. Manage campaigns with dashboard tools

  56. Minimum bids per country

  57. Minimum deposits per payment type

  58. My conversion data on RTX Platform is incorrect.

  59. Negative targeting overview

  60. Optimize for your unique campaign goals

  61. Optimize traffic channel performance

  62. Payment approval process overview

  63. Pops traffic channels (beta) overview

  64. Pops traffic channels overview

  65. Populate dynamic values in InText creatives

  66. Promo balance overview

  67. Proxy Bidding overview

  68. Receive daily automated reports via email

  69. Refer new advertisers to earn credit

  70. Refund your remaining balance

  71. Reset your password

  72. Restricted campaigns and offers not permitted on RTX Platform

  73. Run Adult campaigns on Pops

  74. Run Brand Safe Pops campaigns

  75. Run of network targeting (RON) on Pops

  76. Send alerts and reports to a different email address

  77. Set up recurring deposits

  78. Sign off on a payment

  79. Submit your photo ID to approve your new account

  80. Target a URL on Pops or Display

  81. Target or exclude certain Pops traffic with Platform & Device Targets

  82. Target specific geos in locations around the world

  83. Top performing verticals and offer types

  84. Track conversions on RTX Platform

  85. Track conversions using a server-to-server pixel

  86. Track data and conversions

  87. Track profit and CPA

  88. Track traffic channel performance

  89. Troubleshoot a failed payment

  90. Turn off or adjust bids on new traffic channels

  91. Understand {target} and {domain} tracking macros

  92. Unsubscribe from email alerts

  93. Update bids to the Smart Bid

  94. Update your credit card or billing info

  95. Update your email address

  96. Use Category Targets on Pops

  97. Use Summary Reports to measure performance data

  98. Use the retractable lefthand sidebar

  99. Use tracking macros/tokens to pass data to your tracking platform

  100. Verify conversion pixel tracking

  101. View your transaction history

  102. What ad formats are available on RTX Platform?

  103. What are your office hours?

  104. What does it mean when a traffic channel is temporarily disabled?

  105. What does the time zone in my Campaign Settings affect?

  106. What geos get the most volume on RTX Platform?

  107. What should I bid on a new campaign with no data?

  108. What should I do if my creative, keyword, or target gets rejected?

  109. When will my new campaign start running?

  110. Where did my performance charts go?

  111. Why are my Smart Bids so high?

  112. Why are the special characters in my spreadsheet being changed to symbols?

  113. Why did my spreadsheet import fail?

  114. Why didn’t my keywords/targets get added to my campaign?

  115. Why don't I see a Smart Bid or Bid Graph for my keyword or target?

  116. Why is my target "Low Volume"?

  117. Why is my tracking platform showing incorrect referral data?

  118. Why isn't my campaign getting any traffic?

  119. Why was my campaign rejected?

  120. Why was my creative rejected?

  121. Why were my targets or keywords rejected?

  122. Wildcard characters on Pops and Display

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